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Fighting Aggressively to Help Keep Your Record Clean

If you are pulled over or receive a parking citation, you may wonder what the next steps are. Fortunately, you have options to keep your record clean. To avoid accruing points on your record, hire an attorney to fight the ticket, so you don’t have to. Keeley has the knowledge & experience necessary to remove the negative consequences of a civil traffic infraction.

Traffic Violations and Related Penalties

There are two types of traffic tickets in Florida: moving and nonmoving. A driver can receive a moving violation if they do not follow traffic laws while the vehicle is in motion. Moving violations include texting while driving, speeding, or running a red light. Non-moving violations include but are not limited to expired plates, illegal parking or a broken taillight.

Like many other states, Florida uses a point system to track traffic violations. The number of points accrued varies depending on the violation, but if you receive too many points in a specific timeframe, your driver’s license may be suspended or even revoked.

The length of suspension depends on the number of points accumulated within a certain period of time. For example:

  • 12 points in 12 months warrants a 30-day suspension
  • 18 points in 18 months renders a three-month suspension
  • 24 points in 36 months invokes a one-year suspension

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV), citations stay on your record for 10 years while suspensions may remain indefinitely in place until you clear the hold from your record. More severe offenses, like driving under the influence, are classified as crimes rather than infractions. Drivers convicted of traffic crimes may incur significant fines and penalties. Additionally, a DUI will stay on your driving record for 75 years. Keeley provides legal assistance in clearing holds from driving records.

Why Work with a Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer?

Most people choose to pay a traffic ticket rather than contesting it. When you do that, however, you are pleading guilty to that offense. This adds points to your license that increase your risk of suspension. It also triggers non-criminal consequences that you may not have considered. Your insurance premiums may increase, and the increase could be permanent. You might also have a more difficult time obtaining or maintaining a commercial driver’s license.

By contacting Keeley, you’ll have an advocate helping you contest your citations or charges, which means you’ll have a better chance of keeping your record clean and maintaining licensure. In the long run, the money you save by having a clean record could easily offset the costs of hiring an attorney.

Learn How Attorney Keeley Can Help You

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