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KK Law’s Furry Friends

Keeley in a series of photos with her dog Itsa


This lovable pooch enjoys belly rubs and stretching out for a nap in the sun. Itsa keeps that sparkling smile by nomming on a Dentastix after her morning walks. Itsa has been a sweet and sassy puppers ever since she could fit in Keeley’s hand.  She may not be an AKC Certified Chihuhua, but she certainly is a KK-Law Certified “Very Good Girl.”

Keeley Furry Friend Frankie Mustache

Frankie Mustache

This sophisticated gentleman hails from the foothills of Rogersville, Tennessee. Frankie found his human, Keeley, clumsily walking around her great great grandmother’s abandoned farmhouse. He, an orphaned kitten of apparent regal heritage, immediately knew that Keeley was fortunate to cross his path. Frankie allowed Keeley to join him on his journey marked by elegance, sophistication, and unwavering self-confidence. Frankie is currently working on his autobiography, “The Life and Legacy of Frankie Mustache: a tale of grace, wisdom, and the enduring power of the feline spirit.”

Keeley's Furry Friend Nala Grace

Nala Grace

Meet Nala Grace. Her story really is one of going from rags to riches. She was a stray roaming the streets, now she is the ultimate Princess Pup living her best life! Her favorite days are spa days and boat days.

She absolutely loves riding around in her stroller, sightseeing, playing dress up and eating Pup Cups. Okay, maybe she doesn’t love to dress up, but she is a great sport about it. 🙂

Keeley's Furry Friend Jasmine Rose

Jasmine Rose

Jasmine found her way off the streets of Tampa and into Emily’s life in 2021, while Emily was finishing her undergraduate degree. This talkative cat enjoys sunbathing, taking weekend visits to see her grandparents in Parrish, and getting in the way of anything Emily is doing around the house. She may be shy around strangers, but Jasmine knows how to demand scratches and catnip from those she graces with her presence. Her most notable accomplishment to date is hiding in a wall for 8 hours while Emily moved into a new apartment.

Keeley's Furry Friend Tiny


Tiny (formerly known as Baby) found herself in search of a family after her parents passed away, but she was quickly welcomed into the chaos of a family of five with two other pets, and a lot of love to go around! Tiny is the smallest of 3 pets, but she has the loudest bark. She’s mighty, she’s fierce, and she runs really fast! She loves to go on walks, to play “who can howl the loudest” with the kids, and when she’s feeling a bit “extra” she gets a case of the zoomies and darts around the house!

Keeley's Furry Friend LuLu


LuLu is a 3 year old boxer mix. She came to us during COVID and brightened everyone’s spirits. She is the most cuddly, adorable, little pup, and has always been so gentle with her youngest human sibling (even when he put her in the toilet). She was almost named “Moo Moo” because the pattern on her belly looks like a dairy cow. She loves to race across the yard, play fetch with the kids, and go for walks!

Keeley's Furry Friend Lacy


Lacy is the oldest member of the Smith family. She’s also the most lovable. She spends most of her day napping and eating! She thoroughly enjoys cuddles and head scratches. You know if you start to pet her, you won’t be able to move for a long time because she will nudge you, follow you, and BEG for more attention. She just cannot get enough, which is fine by us! She is the absolute sweetest dog ever.