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If You’ve Been Charged With Indecent Exposure Call Attorney Keeley

In Florida, there are several crimes that involve the exposure of certain body parts in public. While the terminology may sound innocent, the crimes of “lewd and lascivious behavior” and “indecent exposure” are anything but. These crimes involve exposing one’s self to unsuspecting members of the public in a way that is lewd and/or sexually motivated. If you have been arrested for indecent exposure, you need the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

In Pasco, Hernando and Sumter counties, the firm to contact is Karatinos Law, PLLC. As soon as she is hired, attorney Keeley Karatinos will analyze the charges levied against you, gather evidence and eyewitness statements, create a robust defense strategy and prepare to represent you in court. She will ensure that you understand every step of the process and take the time to answer your questions throughout it.

Penalties For Indecent Exposure Convictions Are Severe

Lewd or lascivious offenses in Florida can lead to a variety of charges, each carrying harsh penalties. Potential penalties associated with an indecent exposure conviction include:

  • Imprisonment: Individuals convicted of indecent exposure can face prison sentences, the length of which can vary based on the nature and severity of the offense.
  • Fines: A hefty monetary penalty may also be imposed, again depending on the specific circumstances and severity of the offense.
  • Probation: The offender could be placed on probation, requiring regular check-ins with a probation officer and adherence to specific rules and guidelines.
  • Sex offender registration: Convicted individuals may be required to register as a sex offender, a consequence that can significantly impact future employment opportunities, housing options, and personal relationships.
  • Community service: The court may mandate a certain number of hours of unpaid work in the community.
  • Mandatory counseling or treatment: The offender may be required to attend therapy sessions or treatment programs, particularly if the offense is related to substance abuse or mental health issues.

While imprisonment may seem like the worst possible consequence, people often find that the damage caused by sex offender registration can last for years after the original sentence has been served. For this and other reasons, it is critical to work with a lawyer who will fight for the most favorable resolution to your criminal charges.

Potential Defense Strategies to Explore

Defense strategies may involve arguing about the intent behind the act, disputing whether the exposure was “lewd” or “lascivious” as defined by law, or asserting the accused person’s right to freedom of expression. Additionally, the attorney may introduce mitigating factors or seek to prove the accused person’s lack of criminal intent, which could potentially lead to reduced charges or even an outright dismissal of the case. It’s crucial to remember that every case is unique, and the defense strategy should be tailored to the specific circumstances of the alleged offense.

Discuss Your Legal Options With a Dedicated Defense Attorney Today

Karatinos Law, PLLC, serves clients throughout Hernando, Pasco and Sumter counties, and attorney Keeley can communicate with prospective clients in English, Spanish and Russian. To schedule a free initial consultation about your legal matter, call 352-405-0537 or reach out online.